man trying out reutilized computer

                                   Reutilization and Design

Ezra setting up equipmentAT Services works with the Tennessee Technology Access Program (TTAP) to promote the donation, repair and reuse of assistive technology for people with disabilities. This reutilization program allows us to provide free assistive technology to those individuals. If the technology is not available or is too costly, our Design Program may find a solution. Signal Centers’ AT Services also provides toy adapting services to make toys accessible to children with disabilities. Technology we reutilize includes:

  • Desktop computer and laptops (Pentium 4 and newer for PC, G5 and newer for Mac)
  • Monitors (17" and larger)
  • Video magnifiers (CCTV)
  • Alert systems
  • Battery powered toys
  • Communication devices

 If you feel you could benefit from reutilized technology or wish to contribute to our reutilization program with any used technology you may have, please contact Ezra Reynolds at 423-629-4174, Ext. 503 or John Coniglio, Ext. 505. 


Device Loan

A variety of simple and sophisticated technology is available for loan through the AT Center:

  • Computers
  • Mice
  • Monitors
  • Alternate mice and input devices
  • Switches
  • Adapted toys
  • Simple communication devices
  • GoTalk
  • Talking picture frames
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