Thank you for your continued support! You have the ability to help Signal Centers today and after your lifetime by planning a gift that can also have financial benefits for you and your family.


Endowment Fund

One opportunity for the community to continue to celebrate Signal Centers' years of service is to participate in the Endowment Fund and, along with that, The 1957 Society, The Founders Circle, and The Gold Circle.


Why an Endowment?

Signal Centers, Inc. is a non-profit organization that relies heavily on governmental funding as well as funding received through foundations, grants and special events in order to provide services to the community. These sources of revenue are subject to change, and the agency leadership finds itself constantly looking for new or different funding simply to sustain existing programming.

Endowments are a proven method of maintaining overall financial stability in an agency such as Signal Centers, Inc., enabling it to weather economic changes. Interest is utilized from the Endowment Fund to supplement, not replace, existing dollars so that programs have opportunity to expand or to preserve services while alternative funding sources are being investigated.


The Endowment Fund's 1957 Society, Founders Circle, and Gold Circle

The year 1957 marks the official incorporation of Signal Centers. The 1957 Society; therefore, honors individuals, families, businesses and corporations contributing $1,957 and above specifically designated to the Signal Centers, Inc. Endowment Fund.

Interested contributors have three levels within the 1957 Society at which they may donate:

  • The 1957 Circle: recognizes gifts from $1,957 through $2,499
  • The Founders Circle: recognizes gifts from $2,500 through $4,999
  • The Gold Circle: recognizes gifts from $5,000 and above

Donors at these levels will be permanently recognized in a prominent location within Signal Centers' main facility on North Germantown Road in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This will include names of donors from all three levels of giving: The 1957 Society, The Founder's Circle, and The Gold Circle.

There is opportunity to give at one of these levels in honor or in memory of an individual, group or organization. The dedicatory area will reflect that special tribute.

For more information on the Endowment Fund, please contact:


Donna McConnico, Executive Director                                            

423-698-8528, Ext. 200                                                                     

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                   


Debby Frederes, Chief Marketing & Development Officer

423-582-1044, Ext. 265                         

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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